Our story - tamingo

Our Motivation

This year has shown us once more how unequally people in our society are exposed to crises. Thousands of people have been living for years in makeshift camps for refugees at the European borders. The fire in Moria has only reminded us how precarious and inhumane the situation for the people in the camps is.

At the start of the global Corona outbreak, Germany and other European countries were able to carry out million-dollar rescue missions within a short time.

At the same time, thousands of women, men, families and children living in the overcrowded reception camps for refugees were abandoned by the same European governments.

 The solidarity movement Europe Must Act wurde dieses Jahr gegründet, um mit Aktionen und gemeinsamer Solidarität endlich DThe Greek organisation Lesvos Solidarity has been active to support the people living in the refugee camps on the island of Lesbos for years. More about the work and how you can support them here.

Our Action

We want to use our creativity to show solidarity and raise more awareness for this situation Therefore we want to collect as many donations as possible for the organisation Lesvos Solidarity. 

As a Thank You gift for your valuable donations we have come up with a creative Advent Calendar:

From 1st to 24th December, we will alternately send you illustrations and poems in digital form. Black Lives Matter, Corona, Feminism - We address topics that have particularly moved us in 2020 and process our personal impressions in our creative works.

If everyone contributes what they can and helps us spread the message, we can achieve a lot together.

We are happy about everyone who participates and spreads the message. Sign up here for your Advent Calendar!